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IGN: CookeMC
9 months ago



Thanks for having intrest of applying for helper on the DinoPvP network. In this forum post you will learn the basics of being a helper, and the application writing guide for your application. Before you do take the time and applying we would like you to think if you are truly ready to make an application for the staff team. If you are then please read this and copy and paste the writing guide. Good Luck with your application we wish you the best of luck!






You might have the dream of becoming a helper on a server, maybe it's for credit or just wanting to learn the basics of staff. But becoming a helper isn't easy, it comes with some requirements. One of the requirements is that you must be over 13 years old to apply this is the minimum age requirement to become a helper, so now that we learned about age requirements let's look at some other requirements. Another requirement for staff is that you have to be on the server for over 1 week, this is a requirement since we want people to have knowledge of what the server is about.


       What is helper:


If you are applying you might have some knowledge of what a helper is, but if you don't this might help you out a lot. Being a helper is being the first line of staff to help out players you would need to have to good communication skills to help out with this. A helper's assigned position is to help filter and moderate chat, you also help out players while still doing both at once AKA multitasking. To some this might seem very hard, but once you get the ropes of it, it is way more easier than you think. If you get accepted and get helper, you might have a lot of excitement or stress, if you are feeling super stressed and need to talk to someone I'm here for you, but you'll get used to it and may be able to get a promotion. 


Basic Questions:


1:  Your current minecraft IGN (In Game Name): 


2: Your previous minecraft IGN's:


3:  Your timezone:


4: What is your age (Must be 13+ years to apply):


5: What is your discord username and tag (ex: Jimmybob#2020):




6: SCENARIO: Suppose it's your first week of helper and you're getting asked multiple questions, but are able to keep up with them, another staff member is messaging you asking for help with someone that is saying threats to multiple staff members and other players. What would you do:


7: SCENARIO: Suppose that multiple staff members have been alerted for a bot raid, so you come to help out with it, after a while there is still a lot of bots but you're still banning them, until another staff member messages you that some are now on kitpvp. What would you do:


8: SCENARIO: Suppose you were just playing some games and moderating chat, until you notice that another staff member is hacking, but they are a higher rank than you ( If it's an admin they might have been told to test something), What would you do:


9: SCENARIO: Suppose that someone is messaging you saying that they bought a rank from the store, but didn't receive it. What would you do:


10: SCENARIO: You catch someone hacking, so you ban them for 24 hours (max limit helpers can ban) But they come back and still haven't learn their lesson. What would you do:


11: How active can you be per day:


12: Anything else we should know:



(!) Please DO NOT respond with your application here please make a topic (!)