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IGN: BusyFire
9 months ago

Hello everyone, We would love to introduce to you, our new Gamemode SKYBLOCK.
DinoPvP's Skyblock is not like your typical Skyblock where you spawn and try to get resources with Generators and make money with spawners.
Our Skyblock is based on the Popular Server "Wynncraft" and its MMO / RPG System.

When first joining the Server you will be presented with a few quests before you can actually start buying or selling items.

Each Player has their own unique stats such as 


The 3 Main stats that will be used throughout the whole Skyblock-Server are

These Stats can be increased by

- Talismans
- Weapons
- Pets
- Armor-Sets
- Skill-Levels


DinoPvP's Skyblock introcudes many new custom features to the game such as

- Items
- Skills
- Collections
- Armor-Sets
- Pets
- Menus
- Shops


Rewards 💰
Now since we dont want people to be bored of trying to get specific Skill-Levels or Items, We also introcuded Block-Values.
This means that specific blocks that can be seen in the "/is top" menu, will give a different amount of Value-Points for your Island.
The Island with the Most Points / highest Value at the end of every 2 Months will get 15$ (via Paypal or Current).

Everytime we reset the Server or a Season ends we will also be giving out 30$ (via Paypal or Current) to the Island with the most Value Points.

(These Rewards can increase or decrease at any time.)




Thats all for now!

If you find any bugs or glitches that could ruin a player's experience on the server, or even benefit people in different ways, than make sure to tell us about them in the Discord.

Best Regards


- DinoPvP

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