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IGN: JakeyStars
4 months ago


Welcome to the builder application section of DinoPvP's official website. In this forum you will learn what a builder is, what they do, and the standard format to apply for the builder job. Let's start off with who a builder is, a builder is someone who builds and creates different designs for the DinoPvP minecraft sever. The job of a builder is to create these builds for the server whether if it's more a new game map or maybe a seasonal theme hub design, whichever it may be builders must be ready to take on the challenge and make the build attract people to the server. Builder's must be creative with their minds and logical as well, as a builder you need to see before you build it what it will look like in your mind instead of making it and not liking it so you redo the whole project. A builder's job is typically busy at one point in time and then very relaxed at another point in time, for seasonal designs the build team comes together (usually moderated by an administrator) and come up with a build together as a group and it might be hard needing to make all these seasonal map designs all at once and cram everything at the last moment, but that is why there is a build team and not just 1 builder. The build team does have a choice to decide on as a group when to start making the design and building it before the due date, they could start at the exact second the last seasonal map ends or maybe a week or two before the seasonal map's are due. Although there is a time restriction since how much designs are needed and usually there might not be the biggest build team so the day you need to already be half done with everything would be three weeks before the actual due date of the project, this is there so the team is eligible to finish all the work rather than do everything at the last second and risk your job as a builder by doing so. Now that you know the job of a builder and what a builder is, you will now read over the application format below (keep in mind to copy & paste the application format and create a new forum under the builder applications topic folder)



1: What is your current minecraft IGN:

2: What are your past minecraft IGN:

3: What is your discord username (ex: JimmyIsFat#0695)

4: What is your timezone (ex: CST, UTC+9:30)

5: What is your current age at the time of creating this form? (must be 13 years or older) :

6: Why are you wanting to enroll in the build team? : 

7: Do you have past experiences with making builds? (If so please include pictures) :

8: Do you have good communication skills? :


9: SCENARIO Suppose it is your first day on the job as a builder and you notice that another builder is building/making an inappropriate build, and also griefing/destroying multiple objects in the process, What Would You Do? :

10: SCENARIO Suppose that you are feeling that the rest of the build team is kicking or keeping you out of the conversation and the design process, What Would You Do? :

11: SCENARIO Lets go on to say that there is another member of the build team who is constantly abusing/bullying you while you are trying to work/build the project you were assigned with, What Would You Do? :

12: SCENARIO Suppose it is just another day and you and the build team are working hard but you notice some of them are starting to get bored and decide to go do something else but the due date for the project is coming up fast, What Would You Do? :


13: Are you feeling confident about your application, do you want to read back over it? (Not Required Question)

Last edited: 4 months ago