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Helper Application Guide
 CookeMC •   3 months ago •  81



Thanks for having intrest of applying for helper on the DinoPvP network. In this forum post you will learn the basics of being a helper, and the application writing guide for your application. Before you do take the time and applying we would like you to think if you are truly ready to make an application for the staff team. If you are then please read this and copy and paste the writing guide. Good Luck with your application we wish you the best of luck!






You might have the...

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 BusyFire •   3 months ago •  72

Hello everyone, We would love to introduce to you, our new Gamemode SKYBLOCK.
DinoPvP's Skyblock is not like your typical Skyblock where you spawn and try to get resources with Generators and make money with spawners.
Our Skyblock is based on the Popular Server "Wynncraft" and its MMO / RPG System.

When first joining the Server you will be presented with a few quests before you can actually start buying or selling items.

Each Player has their own unique stats such as 

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